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A Practical Guide To Understanding Relationships

Helen McGrath & Hazel Edward


This is a more sophisticated version of 'Friendly Kids Friendly Classrooms' designed for years 9-12 and adults. It teaches a variety of social skills and incorporates case studies.


At a time when romantic relationships may last only a few years, when marriage breakdowns are at an all-time high, and fewer people than ever are marrying, friendship is becoming increasingly important.


There are many variations of this complex yet simply satisfying relationship. But how do you go about finding and keeping friends?


  • Do men and women look for different things in a friendship?
  • Can you be friends with your ex?
  • How do you make friends at work?
  • Can men and women be 'just friends' or does sexual tension always get in the way?
  • What happens to mutual friends when a romantic relationship breaks down?
  • What do you do or say when a friend lets you down?
  • How much time, energy and emotion should you spend on friends?


Friends is a guidebook to learning the skills that will help you to meet new people, form alliances, keep friendships going. It contains real-life scenarios and case studies that everyone will recognise, questionnaires and quizzes to help you evaluate your friendship potential, and strategies to help you build and keep your circle of friends.


Dr Helen McGrath is a counselling psychologist and university lecturer, who has written a number of successful books on family relationships. Hazel Edwards is a well-known author, runs workshops and is in high demand as a public speaker. And, even after collaborating on this book, they're still friends!


Friends is now out of print however can be purchased as an eBook through Hazel Edwards' website.


Alternatively, hard copies can be located through Bookfinder.